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Take a look at the gallery images of Matthura Therapy in Willaston, South Australia. With my massage services, I will help you relax and find some peace of mind in the hustle and bustle of life. Get in touch with me to book an appointment.


Two years ago at my husband’s insistence I booked into have a remedial massage to alleviate a painful hip and very tight neck and shoulder. Constant stress and working at a computer for years had taken its toll. This is where I met Marsha. Marsha is the ‘best' therapeutic masseur I have ever experienced and I have seen many over the years. She massages with her hands, mind and heart to achieve a totally relaxing experience for you. There is no sore spot that you can hide from her. She instinctively knows where to concentrate her talents on and you walk out feeling amazing. I have also had a reflexology foot massage with Marsha and found her to be very knowledgeable and skilled in this area also. I highly recommend Marsha to anyone looking for the ultimate massage experience, you will not be disappointed

- Julie Wakefield, Five-Star Rating, June 6

I totally recommend Marsha.

I live in Mildura and was very

lucky to come across her being the lady that first massaged me on that day.

I was relieved to have found a masseuse that could actually help me with my chronic pain. Ever since Marsha left Mildura I have been devastated cause no one has been able to give me the same effective relief.

I miss her very much and if and when she comes to Mildura I will personally book her for a massage. I will even come to Adelaide when my pain gets out of hand.

I can't speak highly enough of how extremely capable she is at helping people with many different pain issues, especially the management of the pain.

Good luck Marsha I miss you

so much XOXOXO

- Rosa Bulzomi, Five-Star Rating, June 5

My husband, Daughter and I have all had treatment sessions with Marsha and have had long standing issues achieve relief! Marsha takes the time to identify issues, doesn’t rush & certainly has great strength in her soft hands.

- Adam-Hanne Kovarik, Five-Star Rating, June 5

Love Marsha’s massage. No matter what kind of problem you have on your body. Marsha will always keep you relaxed and use her super magic massage to treat your body pain and help you to understand your painful spot. Come and get in. You will be better after you get the power on

- Becca Tien, Five-Star Rating, June 5

Top massage on my buggered shoulders

- Nathan De la Perrelle, Five-Star Rating

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